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Amber Sampson, MS, LMFT, In Private Practice with Sampson Family Therapy Services in Downtown Des Moines / 515-875-4942


Jacob D. Christenson, PhD LMFT, Professor at Mount Mercy University, Cedar Rapids 319-363-1323 ext. 1264


Anthony Santiago, Ph.D., LMFT, In Private Practice with Central Iowa Psychological Services, Ames / 515-233-1122


Danielle Drew, MS, LMFT, In Private Practice with Drew Therapy and Counseling Services in West Des Moines / 515-421-4350


Jeremy Stumbo MFCS, LMFT- IAMFT Board Member, In Private Practice with River Valley Therapy Clinic in Ogden and Ames / 515-290-2259


Jamie Nelson-Kirby, jamie@nelsonkirbytherapy.comJamie Nelson-Kirby, LMFT, RYT – IAMFT Board Member, In private practice with Nelson-Kirby Therapy and Consulting Services in Des Moines / 515-216-4353


Jacob Priest;

Advocacy Chair

Kevin Allemagne, Ph.D., LMFT, CFLE – IAMFT Board Member, Executive Director of Behavioral Health Services. Central Iowa Healthcare, Marshalltown

Student/Preclinical Representative

Tracy Limon , IAMFT Board Member, Attending Capella University / 515-423-9648



Conference Chair

Rhonda Estling;

Ethics Chair

Andrea Nus MA LMFT;